100 years of Leadership

In Water & Wastewater Treatment

Leading Provider

Of Industrial Water Solutions
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100 years of Leadership

In Water & Wastewater Treatment

Leading Provider

Of Industrial Water Solutions

Product Brochures & Datasheets

Our Product Brochures & Datasheets

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Aerofit V

Energy-efficient, Maintenance Free, Self-cleaning aeration system

~PDF (509KB)

Functional Water

Highly efficient cleaning of electronic components with virtually no use of chemicals

~ PDF (410KB)

Toveko Filter

Continuous –Gravity sand filters with automatic control of sand washing

~PDF (895KB)

Tube Settler

A range of Lamella Tube settlement tanks for a wide range of applications

~ PDF (410KB)

ZLD Eco2

The Unique Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) hybrid system ////////////////////////////////////

~PDF (871KB)


Compact and containerised wastewater treatment using membrane technology

~ PDF (5MB)


High performance clarifier with integrated flocculation and sludge thickening

~PDF (746KB)

Biofit OXYD 2

Advanced Oxidation Process to remove contaminants that are difficult to biodegrade

~ PDF (599KB)

Biofit H

Biological pre-treatment of highly polluted industrial wastewater

~PDF (593KB)

Biofit F

Highly versatile biological treatment of moderately polluted wastewater

~ PDF (741KB)

Anafit CS

Treatment of heavily mineralized waste water from industrial food production

~PDF (1MB)

Anafit AC

Biological wastewater treatment process using state-of-the-art anaerobic reactors for energy recovery

~ PDF (1MB)

CD Modules

CD Modules are a unique and highly efficient membrane-based system that is used to concentrate complex water and waste water streams to a very high degree.

~PDF (2MB)

Metal Finishing

The treatment of inorganic wastewater containing a wide range of heavy metals and other chemicals such as acids and alkalis.

~PDF (2MB)

SecureChem™ IBC Chemical Dosing Systems

These pre-assembled automatic systems minimise chemical handling, avoid chemical wastage and ensure constant chemical availability.

~PDF (485 KB)

Manufacturing & Pre-assembly

Fully qualified and trained engineers delivering packaged plant to the highest of standards. All pre assembled and tested prior to delivery.

~PDF (5MB)

Lamella Tube Modules

Tube modules can be installed into any size clarifier to dramatically improve solids settlement efficiency.

~PDF (2 mb)