H+E, one of the leading international providers of industrial process and wastewater treatment solutions, has been awarded a contract to refurbish an existing Aerobic Wastewater Treatment System in Scandinavia.

The existing wastewater ponds have the disadvantages of both consuming large amounts of energy and, at the same time, not meeting the necessary treated wastewater quality requirements. Therefore the decision was made to replace the essentially redundant equipment with up-to-date technology.

H+E has extensive experience in the sugar industry and has been a leading provider of wastewater treatment systems for the companies throughout the sugar industry for many years. Our unique technology and energy-efficient solutions, developed to meet the specific demands of the sugar industry, were the main factor in the Client’s decision to choose H+E.

Our aerobic BIOFIT®.N process (one of a number of BIOFIT processes) uses combined denitrification and nitrification stages to safely and efficiently remove nitrogen. This compact solution has been proved many times in the sugar industry to be a reliable and highly efficient method for treating wastewater. It uses a particular type of fine bubble membrane aeration of the activated sludge basin that results in a substantial reduction of energy consumption, and therefore leads to a rapid return on investment for the client. But also, it can be easily integrated with the existing equipment, which again, reduces a total investment costs.

The aerobic BIOFIT®.N system will start operation right on schedule for the 2017/2018 campaign.

H+E has also developed the two-stage ANAFIT-CS system, which is particularly suited to wastewater with a high calcium concentration, commonly seen within the sugar industry. It operates reliably and dependably, avoiding operational problems which, are often caused by calcium carbonate clogging, as commonly seen in other treatment processes.