Watercell provides versatile and efficient biological treatment of wastewater using pre-fabricated, containerised systems.


Watercell systems are particularly suitable for applications where:

  • Space Available is very limited
  • Site Location is remote and difficult to access
  • Treated wastewater must be of very high quality to protect a sensitive environment
  • Treated wastewater must be re-used, perhaps because water is scarce.

Advanced Design

Watercell systems use Membrane BioReactor (MBR) technology. The advanced design of the systems ensures:

  • Removal of virtually all bacteria present
  • Much less space is needed than when using conventional technology
  • Less sludge has to be removed and disposed
  • A highly stable process, leading to ease of operation
  • Very high quality treated wastewater

System Capacities

Watercell is available in a range of sizes to handle 50 – 500m3 per day. However, the modular design allows higher volumes to be treated where necessary. Full details of the range can be seen in the Watercell leaflet here

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Re-use of Treated Water

As mentioned above, the treated wastewater can be re-used if the water supply is scarce. You can re-use the treated water for:

  • Irrigation of local crops
  • Feeding a factory supply
  • Feeding a reverse osmosis unit for high purity water supply