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100 years of Leadership

In Water & Wastewater Treatment

Leading Provider

Of Industrial Water Solutions

Metal Finishing

General Metal Finishing

What is Metal Finishing?

Metal finishing is a term that encompasses a huge range of metallic items produced for both domestic and industrial use. The common factor is that they all need “finishing”. Sometimes that is just to look attractive. Often it is to perform an additional functional requirement, such as providing corrosion resistance.

This incredibly broad sector covers both decorative and functional items for domestic use. This includes such diverse things as jewellery, watches etc., electrical goods, kitchenware, windows, doors and associated furniture, and many others.

For industrial use, it covers everything from nuts and bolts through to any type of equipment you can think of, including medical products.

In short, if it’s made of metal, it’s going to need finishing, and that produces wastewater that needs treating before it can be safely discharged.

Water & Wastewater Treatment

As an integral part of the process of producing good-looking components, deionised water is also usually required. This is because if you rinse the finished product in mains water, when it dries, it will leave behind the salts that it naturally contains as a surface film. That does not look nice!

We have been building both water deionisation and wastewater treatment plants for this sector for many years. We have a long list of satisfied customers. All of them trust us to design an economical and reliable plant that will fulfil both their needs and their legal obligations for the foreseeable future.

The incredibly wide broad spectrum of products produced also undergoes a very wide range of finishing processes, involving coating with a wide range of metals. These produce hugely differing wastewater streams.

What do H+E Supply?

Whatever the wastewater is for your application, H+E will design and build a treatment plant that is totally suitable for your individual needs. We then install and commission it and train your operators how to use and maintain it.

For metal finishing plants using high volumes of water for product rinsing, it can also be worthwhile considering recirculating that water. This both reduces the cost of water consumed and also provides very high quality water for rinsing.

Once that work is complete, if you wish, we will provide technical support, service visits and occasional spare parts throughout its life.


  • Production of deionised water for rinsing – typically including filtration, softening, ion exchange and reverse osmosis
  • Chemical delivery, storage and dosing systems of all sizes, from very small to those taking chemical deliveries from road tankers
  • Chemical treatment including reduction & oxidation technologies, neutralisation and flocculation
  • Lamella Tube Settlement systems
  • Sand filters, both pressure type and TOVEKO continuous gravity types
  • Final ion exchange systems for removing trace metals where very stringent limits apply
  • High purity rinse water recirculation systems, including integrated deionisation.