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Do you need to clean electronic components quickly and efficiently?

We have recently received orders for another 6 model H-300 San Kan Oh units from a long-term client.

What are San Kan Oh units?

Basically, San Kan Oh is a range of products that deliver different types and flows of so-called “Functional Water”.

Functional Water does just what the name suggests; it performs a cleaning function, ensuring that every component is clean and free-from impurities.

San Kan Oh units deliver different types of Functional Water that are specifically used to clean electronic components.

Electronic components need to be cleaned to virtually unbelievable quality standards if they are to perform their intended function and also have long-life.

Traditionally, for many years component cleaning has been done using a range of strong chemicals, depending on what the component is and what impurities need to be removed.

The cleaning process involves:

  • Purchasing Strong chemicals (including acids, alkalis etc)
  • At the end of the cleaning cycle, rinsing those chemicals from the components. This involves the use of large quantities of Ultrapure Water, which is expensive to produce.
  • Purchasing chemicals to neutralise those strong chemicals that are discharged in the rinse water.
  • Paying for the removal of the solids produced on neutralisation.

All of this is expensive!

What is Functional Water?

Functional Water is Ultrapure Water (UPW) to which a small concentration of a pure gas has been added (in this case hydrogen). This makes the now – “Functional” Water able to clean electronic components very efficiently without the need to use strong chemicals.

This means that you lower your operating costs very significantly! But ALSO, Functional Water does the job very quickly. So, there is also the possibility of increasing output!

Touch Panel for an H-300 model

You can find out more about the range of units and what they do here.