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100 years of Leadership

In Water & Wastewater Treatment

Leading Provider

Of Industrial Water Solutions

Functional Water Systems

Functional Water uses a range of pure gases according to the cleaning requirement

Functional Water Systems

What is Functional Water?

Functional Water cleans electronic components quickly and efficiently. It performs a function that you would not expect from water.

The  starting point is Ultrapure water, which is actually quite “aggressive” anyway. We then add a small concentration of a pure gas, which therefore dramatically increases its aggressive property. Consequently, you can then use the Functional Water for a range of component-cleaning duties.  This gives you a number of major production benefits. Our range of different Functional Water systems cleans different types of electronic components. The type of components that are cleaned using a Functional Water System depends on which gas is dissolved in the Ultrapure Water. Clearly the benefits change accordingly.

Range of Hydrogen Functional Water Units

The standard range of units available produces from 300 to 3,600/h of Hydrogen Functional Water. Larger capacity units are also available when required.


Other Functional Water Types:
Other units that use different gases, including Ammonia, Nitrogen and Ozone, are available.

Benefits of Functional Water Units:

Virtually Zero Chemical Consumption

The normal range of chemicals used in the “standard” SC-1 and SC-2 processes is not necessary. For example, using Hydrogen Functional Water ensures ultra-efficient removal of particles from components in less time than the classic process. This helps to improve production output. Cleaning is at room temperature, and therefore heating costs are also eliminated.

Reduced Ultrapure Water Consumption

You do not need to use strong chemicals to remove contaminants. Therefore, you do not then need to rinse those chemicals from the components. Consequently, the cleaning process is quicker and it also dramatically reduces consumption of the expensive-to-produce ultrapure water.

Functional Water allows virtually chemical-free component cleaning

Reduced Wastewater Production

You consume less Ultrapure Water. Consequently, there is less wastewater to then treat. Not only that but, what wastewater you do produce therefore contains very little chemical contaminants. So, this means that you reduce:

  • How much wastewater needs treatment.
  • The cost of Ultrapure Water production.
  • The amount and cost of treatment chemicals you use.
  • How much sludge must be removed off-site for disposal.
  • Reduce the overall Environmental Impact of your production.

The wastewater you produce is far less contaminated and you therefore also have the realistic possibility to recycle and re-use the water, again saving cost.

Think about these advantages: They add up to potentially very big cost savings!

Functional Water Units are being used by the industry’s Major Players. The number is increasing all the time!

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