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We have recently received a new order from an existing client for 3 San Kan Oh production units, each producing up to 2,400l/h of Ammonia Functional Water.

These units use Ultrapure Water and add a small concentration of a chosen gas (in this case Ammonia) to it. This  highly active media cleans  electronic components very efficiently.

A model NH-2400 San Kan Oh unit

Advantages of San Kan Oh units

Using Functional Water to clean electronic components has a number of very significant advantages:

  1. You virtually eliminate consumption of traditionally-used strong chemicals used to remove contaminants.
  2. Consequently, the consumption of chemicals to later treat / neutralise those cleaning chemicals is virtually eliminated.
  3. Consumption of Ultrapure Water to rinse the components clean reduces significantly. This is simply because you do not have to remove large quantities of strong chemicals from the components.
  4. Reduces product rejects.
  5. Cleaning time reduces.
  6. Sludge production reduces dramatically.
  7. Operating costs reduce significantly.

Clearly, these advantages can have a significant effect on overall production efficiency.

We supply a number of different types and sizes of Functional Water units within the San Kan Oh range. The other most commonly used one adds hydrogen gas to the Ultrapure Water.

You can find out more information about our Functional Water units here