100 years of Leadership

In Water & Wastewater Treatment

Leading Provider

Of Industrial Water Solutions
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100 years of Leadership

In Water & Wastewater Treatment

Leading Provider

Of Industrial Water Solutions


About us

H+E designs, supplies, installs and commissions both water and wastewater treatment systems for a very wide range of industrial applications. You can see how wide ranging our experience is on our Markets page. We have been doing this for more than 100 years. Consequently, we do have a great deal of experience and, literally, many thousands of customers. Many of these are repeat customers, so they are clearly satisfied with what we supply them!

 You can view a few of our clients here!

At the heart of our design and manufacturing work is the process of “Continuous Improvement”. This continually drives our efforts for both incremental and “breakthrough” improvement. This refusal to ever be totally satisfied with what we do has proved many times that, if we keep “picking” at the small details, the result is continuing product improvement! This is therefore how we maintain our position in the market and continue to offer you, our customer, the best available!

Pharmaceutical sector requires very high purity water
SYstem for Waste-to-Energy plant before delivery

For example:

  • We have seen mediocrity in the welding of plastics on many of our customers’ sites. As a result, in order to improve quality, we started our own manufacturing in polypropylene, polyethylene and uPVC. Our engineers are trained and qualified to BS EN 13067:2012. This is the highest quality standard for the construction of plastic structures etc. Our manufacturing has therefore seen the quality of plastics systems that we use produce increase very significantly.

  • We also pre-assemble systems in our factory to the maximum extent possible. This means that all pre-assemblies are fully inspected and tested as far as possible before shipping equipment to our clients. Consequently we have both maximised quality and also minimised site installation time.

  • We recently designed and supplied a wastewater treatment facility for an internationally-known airport. It was described by the client as “first of type”.

 Support You Can Trust

We provide technical support, servicing and spare parts for the lifetime of the systems we supply. This is normally via rolling 12 month agreements following commissioning of your system. Of course, this does not affect your performance warranty but ensures that your plant is regularly checked. As a result you can be far more confident that it is operating well. At the same time, any minor training issues that your operators have are dealt with on-the-spot.

Similarly, in the medium term, if your operators change, we are happy to provide re-training at any time.

We are fully accredited to ISO 9001 and 14001. Likewise, our personnel are properly trained and certified as appropriate for both manufacturing quality and working on your site.

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Building on 100+ years of leadership in water and wastewater treatment, H+E’s mission is to provide proven and reliable solutions to meet the needs of our customers, worldwide.