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100 years of Leadership

In Water & Wastewater Treatment

Leading Provider

Of Industrial Water Solutions


Below you will find two main sections:

Environmental – where to start when you need to install a new wastewater treatment plant?

Wastage Calculator – how much chemical do you waste when you buy chemicals in IBCs?

We do hope that you find the information useful.


Where do you start when you need to purchase a new Treatment Plant to handle the Wastewater from your Production processes?

For us, it’s relatively easy; after all, H+E has been doing this for over 100 years. However, when you do it for the first time, it would certainly be perfectly reasonable to ask: “Where do I start”, and “What is required”?

In the majority of cases, your discharge will be to foul sewer, and therefore you will need to obtain a Consent to Discharge from your local Wastewater company.

Where do you start?

If you do not know which company supplies your water, and hence how to contact them, you can find the necessary information via this link:


In other cases, you may wish to discharge to a natural water course (stream, river, sea etc.). Consequently, you will need an Environmental Permit, issued by the Environment Agency:


We have listed below a number of links to websites and documents issued by the UK Government and Environment Agency. These provide guidance about what is expected and therefore assist you in planning your project. These often refer to Best Available Technique (BAT), which is the normal target and consequently an important factor in your planning.

We do hope that you find these links useful but, if you require any further advice and support we would be very happy to talk to you about your needs.

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The Industrial Emissions Directive:


HSE Guidance:


Discharging Trade Effluent:          


Best available techniques: environmental permits


Discharge of trade effluent to a natural water source (England and Wales)


 How to comply with your environmental permit – Additional Guidance

Surface Finishing


Mining waste operations


Dairy and Milk Processing


Incineration of Waste


Food and Drink




Paper and Pulp


Non – Ferrous Metals and the Production of Carbon and Graphite


Inorganic Chemicals


Hot Rolling of Ferrous Metals


Chemical Wastage Calculator

Do you know whether buying in IBCs means that you waste chemicals unnecessarily? Above all, if the answer is yes, do you know the resultant cost of that wastage to your company?

Our SecureChem™ systems eliminate that wastage and therefore minimise your Operating Costs!

Please enter the requested information into the Blue cells below to learn how much chemical you waste.
The chemical wastage calculator will therefore show you the potential saving in both chemical consumption and the associated cost.