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The pre-assembled and tested plant immediately before delivery to site

H+E has recently delivered a new Wastewater Treatment Plant for the new Graphene Engineering & Innovation Centre. This is for the University of Manchester, where graphene was first isolated in 2004.

Graphene – The Material

Graphene is amazing; dubbed the world’s first 2-D material, it is 200 times stronger than steel, yet incredibly thin and transparent. The potential applications for its use are incredible! There has been more than a decade of research into the vast potential that this incredible material has to be used in our everyday lives. The new GEIC will provide ever better facilities to keep Manchester at the forefront of its development.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater collected from the R&D facilities will flow to a network of collection pipes. From there, pumping systems transfer it to the treatment plant.

Due to the potentially enormous variation in incoming quality, three separate tanks collect and treat the wastewater in batches.

Chemical dosing is automatic.  Automatic systems then check that the wastewater is suitable for discharge to foul sewer. There is a possibility of various concentrations of a range of organic materials being present. This is also analysed.

Pre-Assembly & Factory Testing

H+E manufactured, assembled and tested the plant in our factory before delivery. In recent years, H+E has dramatically increased the amount of pre-assembly and factory testing done for its plants. The prime reasons for this are to both improve the quality of equipment supplied and also minimise installation time on site. These continuously-uprated targets are totally in-line with H+E’s philosophy of Continuous Improvement.

Long-Term Support

We always try to keep in regular contact with all our clients. We have some who we still visit regularly, and whose plants are well over 25 years old and working fine! But, even then, when we look back at the systems we supplied just a few years ago, we realise how much the quality of what we supply has improved. This means that our philosophy of Continuous Improvement is important; it really works!

A high percentage of our overall business is from clients placing more orders with us. So, although we know we are a long way from being perfect, we think it is reasonable to assume that we are doing a fairly good job and that our clients are satisfied!