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The RWE npower power station at Pembroke in South Wales  generates up to 2,160MW. This therefore makes it the largest combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant in the UK. H+E has completed a number of previous contracts with both RWE and the main contractor. We were therefore chosen to design and supply the process water system to feed the gas turbines.

The design process itself incorporates a number of features preferred by the client. These preferences resulted from their experience of operating H+E’s water treatment plants at other power stations across Europe. In addition, the design also includes some features preferred by H+E as a result of its own prior experience. In both cases, this was in keeping with our business philosophy of “Continuous Improvement”.

The supply of pure water is fundamentally important to the production of  high quality steam. This then drives the gas turbines efficiently. Clearly, the design and ability of the water deionization plant to perform efficiently in the long term, with minimal down-time is of great importance to the business.

A few years after commissioning, the plant still works well. We still provide spare parts and technical support when they are needed.

To learn more about the project Click Here to download the case history.