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100 years of Leadership

In Water & Wastewater Treatment

Leading Provider

Of Industrial Water Solutions

Case Histories

Our Case Histories

The Case Histories shown here describe just a small selection of the previous projects that we have completed successfully. Nevertheless, we hope that they will help you to understand some of the types and sizes of projects we have completed. However, please do tell us if you do not see what you are looking for, or if anything is unclear. Most importantly, we want to be able to discuss your needs with you, and therefore demonstrate our capabilities. Moreover, we want to ensure you feel comfortable that we can meet your needs in the long-term. After all, it is a long-term relationship, built on trust, which is certainly very important for both our companies.

Download our Case Histories so that you can view them offline. To view them, you will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat installed on your Mac or PC.




Pembroke Water

Deionised water supply for a major gas-fired power station.

Another project for a long-term client
~ PDF (893KB)

Outokumpu Stainless

Wastewater treatment for a major stainless steel wire producer that we are still working with after 25 years.

We therefore assume they are happy with us.

~ PDF (519KB)

WRG Waste Mgt.

Tertiary filtration for a major leachate treatment plant.

Another example of a successful Toveko filter installation

~ PDF (438KB)

Shin-Etsu Handotai

Water & wastewater treatment plants for major silicon wafer manufacturer.

Certainly, another one of our longest on-going relationships with a client.

~ PDF (781KB)

Engine Overhaul Facility

Effluent treatment plant for one of the world’s best known multinationals.

Yet another long-term client.

~ PDF (829KB)

Indian Road – Muskoka, Canada

Tertiary filtration of treated wastewater to therefore enable its discharge to the river

~ PDF (344KB)

Ophtecs (Euro) Ltd

PW and Wfi water purification systems to FDA, USP and European Pharmacopoeia standards

~ PDF (656KB)

Jaguar – Land Rover

A large wastewater treatment plant for one of JLR’s major factories

Another example of a client continuing to do business with us in the long-term

~ PDF (829KB)

Abergs Fornickling

Final filtration of wastewater for a metal finishing company

Another example of a TOVEKO filter removing trace solids.

~ PDF (380KB)

GKN Neckarwestheim

Additional Cooling Tower for a Nuclear Power Plant

Another contract with a client because they trust us.

~ PDF (601KB)

Aviation Wastewater Treatment

Second treatment plant for a major worldwide client.

Therefore we assume that we really are trusted!

~ PDF (580KB)

Hofors Energy

Commercial steam make up water treatment, removing humus and other contaminants.

~ PDF (472 KB)

CPP Safco

Feed Water Demineralisation and Condensate Polishing Systems

~ PDF (975KB)

Inspectorate International Ltd

Treatment of wastewater from laboratories analysing samples of all of ores from around the world.

Another client for who we provide regular service visits.

~ PDF (580KB)

AIBP Ireland

Toveko continuous gravity filter for final wastewater filtration from a beef processing plant.

~ PDF (711KB)

Sunpower, Asia

Wastewater Treatment Plant Supply & Operation

~ PDF (521KB)

Vector Aerospace

Toveko continuous gravity filter for final wastewater filtration in order to meet environmental consent discharge limits

Yet another long-term client for whom we also supplied Wastewater Treatment.

~ PDF (521KB)

Steag AG, Lunen

Wastewater Treatment for yet another client in the Power sector

~ PDF (520KB)


Wastewater Filtration for Exhaust Gas Cleaning, Denmark

Another Toveko filter installation

~ PDF (323 KB)

Hamm-Uentrop – Germany

Water Supply for the Trianel Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant.

Another in a long list!

~ PDF (924KB)


Tertiary filtration for a municipal sewerage treatment plant

Another long-running Toveko filter

~ PDF (382 KB)

Konya Seker, Turkey

Wastewater Treatment for a Beet Sugar Factory

Perhaps one of our most photogenic plants.

~ PDF (523KB)

Sakab AB

Removal of mercury from a waste water treatment plant by a TOVEKO continuous gravity sand filter.

Certainly a very sensitive duty required.

~ PDF (442 KB)

Swiss Dairy Whey

Anaerobic Treatment of Whey Permeate for Energy Recovery

Yet another of many plants in the F&B sector
~ PDF (525KB)

Perstorp Polyon Factory

Cooling tower treatment and reuse for make up water blending.

~ PDF (521KB)

Altech Fermin Yeast Prod’n – Anaerobic

Aerobic Wastewater Treatment for a Serbian Yeast Production Plant
~ PDF (585KB)

M & M Canada

Tertiary treatment of effluent for discharge consent and process water reuse in the metals finishing market

~ PDF (586KB)

Beet Sugar Juelich

Wastewater Treatment in Germany
~ PDF (450KB)

Leba AB Sweden

Recirculation of Industrial Rinse Water for metal finishing

~ PDF (393 KB)

Kingsbarns Municipal Waste Water Treatment Works

Underground waste water treatment works.

Certainly a good example of the ease of installation of Toveko filters.

~ PDF (674 KB)

Bergea Laundry

WWTP for an environmentally conscious industrial laundry

~ PDF (396 KB)

Jakkvik Ski Resort Sweden

Sewage Treatment Works at Jakkvik Ski Resort, Sweden

~ PDF (318 KB)

Bodycote Metallurgical Coatings

The client’s Discharge Consent is met because a Toveko filter ensures that suspended solids are efficiently removed.

~ PDF (359 KB)

Continental Teves – Ebbw Vale

Effluent treatment for a metal finishing plant.

~ PDF (1MB)

Dong San River Park

The continuous treatment of a body of water used for recreational purposes

Another great example of Toveko filters at work

~ PDF (333 KB)

Drum Trading AB

Tertiary treatment for a metal finishing plant therefore protecting our environment.

~ PDF (424 KB)

Esso Purfleet

Tertiary treatment of oily waste water

A wonderful example of the Toveko filter at work

~ PDF (377 KB)

Falun Energy

Treatment of the Boiler condensate before it is discharged.

~ PDF (393 KB)

Forsbackatvatten Laundry

Continuous treatment of raw inlet water removes contaminants including humus and metals therefore enabling it to be used in production.

~ PDF (429KB)

Gavle Harbour

Oil is stored in the harbour. Occasional spillage oil into the water therefore means that the water needs to be treated to remove most of the contamination.

Another great example of oil removal

~ PDF (486 KB)

Gränges Aluminium

Similarly, excellent treatment of oily wastewater from an aluminium processing plant

~ PDF (496 KB)

Hedaker Municipality

Hedåker Municipality – A Toveko filter providing tertiary filtration for a Sewage Treatment Plant

~ PDF (486KB)

Hickson & Welch

Continuous gravity fed sand filtration for the tertiary treatment of the wastewater before its final discharge to river.

~ PDF (684 KB)